Minerals in Mobile Devices — Infographic

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Minerals in mobile devices infographic

Detailed Description

This infographic displays the different minerals located in mobile devices. Included within this infographic are:

  • Display: Silica Sand and Bauxite
    Silica Sand: A mobile device's glass screen is very durable because glassmakers combine its main ingredient, silica (silicon dioxide or quartz) sand, with ceramic materials and then add potassium.
    Bauxite: Gallium provides light emitting diode (LED) backlighting. Bauxite is the primary source of this commodity.
  • Electronics: Chalcopyrite and Silicon
    Chalcopyrite: The content of copper in a mobile device far exceeds the amount of any other metal. Copper conducts electricity and heat and comes from the source mineral chalcopyrite. 
    Silicon: Silicon, very abundant in the Earth's crust, is produced from the source mineral quartz and is the basis of integrated circuits.
  • Battery: Spodumene
    Spodumene and subsurface brines are the sources of lithium used in cathodes of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Circuitry: Wolframite and Tetrahedrite
    Wolframite: Wolframite is a source of tungsten, which acts as a heat sink and provides the mass for mobile phone vibration.
    Tetrahedrite: Tetrahedrite is a primary source of silver. Silver-based inks on composiste boards create electrical pathways through a device.
  • Speakers and Vibration: Bastnaesite
    Bastnaesite is a source of rare-earth elements used to produce magnets in speakers, microphones, and vibration motors.



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