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Mule Deer and Yearling Migrating through sagebrush and native bunch grasses,

Detailed Description

Illustration (paper and mechanical pen) by Valerie Hinojoza-Rood, Post doc, Oregon State University. Mule deer and yearling migrating through eastern Oregon shrublands. Valerie a faculty research assistant at the Oregon State University, partnering with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and USGS, mapping migration patterns for adult female mule deer using GPS telemetry collar data. Mule deer are largely migratory and exhibit high fidelity to their seasonal ranges using migration routes learned from mother to offspring. Mule deer face a number of challenges while migrating, including highways, fences, and habitat degradation. Illustration details: Valerie depicted an idealistic landscape primarily covered by sagebrush and native bunch grasses, a landscape that's becoming increasingly less common due to encroaching cheatgrass, medusahead, and Western juniper. 


Illustration by Valerie Hinojoza-Rood, Oregon State University. Copyright dedication agreement on file.