New scientific results mark 5th anniv. eruption of Chaitén Volcano

New scientific results mark 5th anniversary of eruption of Chaitén ...

Detailed Description

This false-color image obtained from NASA's Terra satellite on January 19, 2009, shows an ash plume (white plume spreading north, top) erupting from Chaitén Volcano. Red color indicates green vegetation. The brown color east and southeast of the volcano (lower left) shows extensive forest damage (400 square km; 155 square miles) from the early explosive eruptions, caused by ash fall and possibly by chlorine released from the magma. Scientists have concluded that magma fueling Chaitén's eruptions ultimately originates beneath Michinmahuida Volcano, 17 km (10 miles) east of Chaitén. The town of Chaitén was evacuated a few days after the eruption began on May 2, 2008, before lahars and floods inundated most of the town.


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