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NHD Newsletter Monthly Quiz - Jan/Feb 2021

Detailed Description

This Month's Hydro Quiz

This lake in the western US is one of the deepest in the world and at its deepest point (1,645 feet deep) could entirely submerge the Empire State Building. Approximately 40 percent of this lake basin’s rain and snow fall directly into the lake, contributing to legendary clarity and has been designated as an Outstanding National Resource Water under the Federal Clean Water Act.

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Last Month’s Hydro Quiz Winner

Congratulations to the Sept/Oct 2020 Hydro Quiz Winner, Gary Brimley with the correct answer of Colorado River! Gary is an engineering manager and has worked with the Utah Division of Water Rights for 12 years. Presently he works in the Adjudication Section where they prepare water rights for recommendation to the district court. They use the NHD as one of their data sources when publishing "hydrographic survey maps" in which the main focus of their mapping is points of diversion and places of use of water rights as part of the adjudication process. He's always loved maps but didn't really know  he’d "be a cartographer" when he grew up! As he works with water and really likes his work, he frequently points out water-related things as they travel (whether in nature or under human influence or development) to his three kids and wife, who tend to reply along the lines of an irritated "we know and don't much care!" Trying to instill in his family a love for his own profession is tough, probably because he’s already overdone it for them! They like to vacation at state and national parks, in the mountains as well as urban retreats. 


Thanks to everyone else who played along: Roger Barlow and Doug Clark