NHD Newsletter Monthly Quiz - Sept/Oct 2020

NHD Newsletter Monthly Quiz - Sept/Oct 2020

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This Month's Hydro Quiz

This river is 1450 miles in length, flows through 7 US States, 11 National Parks, and provides water for more than 25 million people.  Several sections of this river are used for recreation with the most popular sport being whitewater rafting. This river has been nicknamed “The River of Law” due to frequent legal disputes involving water rights. Today it is one of the most controlled rivers in the world. 

Last Month’s Hydro Quiz Winner

Congratulations to last month’s Hydro Quiz Winner, Jon Becker, with the correct answer of Karta Bay! Karta Bay is the western arm of Kasaan Bay, which was another popular answer. But, the clue to Karta Bay was the fact that there’s a nearby river and wilderness area of the same name (Karta River and Karta River Wilderness). 

Jon is a GIS analyst with the Water Division in the US EPA Region 4 office in Atlanta, GA, where he has worked for 19 years. His project work for the Division is diverse, including regulatory program analysis, watershed characterization, emergency response, and algal bloom detection using remote sensing. The NHD/WBD/NHDPlus provide the framework for almost all of his work, and thinks it has been great to see the NHD and WBD evolve and improve over his career. He enjoys spending time with my family, playing tennis, hiking, paddling, painting and spoiling their golden retriever.

Thanks to everyone else who played along: Becca Conklin, Wendy Steinberger, Robert Olive, Roger Barlow, Gary Brimley, Angela Coleman, Frances Biles, and Evan Hammer. ​​​​​​


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Quiz submitted by Hannah Boggs