NHD Newsletter Vol 20, 5/6, Figure 2. Overview of WBD HU8 01090005

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Detailed Description

Figure 2. Overview of WBD HU8 01090005 with general flow direction represented by the red arrows.

Upon further investigation it was discovered that 8-digit Hydrologic Unit (WBD HU8) 01090005: Pawcatuck-Wood represents the drainage areas for Wood River (HU10 0109000501) and Pawcatuck River (HU10s 0109000502 and 0109000503) which flows into Long Island Sound as well as the frontal area flowing into the Atlantic Ocean  and Block Island (HU10 0109000504). (Figure 2)

From article - WBD HU4 0109 Massachusetts-Rhode Island Coastal Updates


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Kimberly A. Jones