North Trip, Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network (GWMN)

A county map of Pennsylvania showing seven well sites of the North Trip in the Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network.

Detailed Description

The Groundwater Quality Monitoring Network (GWMN) consists of 27 wells distributed over 26 counties. The Network is divided into four trips: Local, North, Northeast, and West. The North Trip shown here has seven wells, two of which located in Bradford County, site names BR 202 & BR 203. Other wells in the North Trip are in Centre (CE 118), Clinton (CN 1), Lycoming (LY 796), Potter (PO 72), and Tioga (TI 470) Counties. Samples are collected twice per year and are typically analyzed for physical parameters (pH, conductance, temperature, etc.), major and minor ions (both metal and non-metal), and nutrients, organics (other than pesticides or PCBs), and radioactive consituents. Continuous water-level monitoring also occurs at select wells.


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