Oceanographic buoy near the R/V Sallenger

A yellow buoy with solar panels floats in the water with a boat in the background

Detailed Description

A solar-powered Sofar spotter buoy floats in the water next to the R/V (Research Vessel) Sallenger. (The Sallenger is partly hidden by the wave - not sinking, as it may appear!) This instrument, along with an additional instrument on the seafloor, will deliver high-fidelity, real-time wave, water level, and wind data to scientists at the USGS St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center. This buoy, along with other instruments further inshore and a camera on the beach, will be used to collect data to track how waves and water level transform as they travel towards the beach. This information is used to assess the skill and improve models used in the Total Water Level and Coastal Change Forecast viewer. These forecasts help inform coastal communities about potential coastal hazards.


Image Dimensions: 2070 x 1553

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Location Taken: Madeira Beach, FL, US