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Paleoseismology and the Hayward Fault

Detailed Description

Location of trench site and other points along the Hayward Fault. Currently known extent of 1868 surface rupture shown as green highlight band; dashed where subsurface extent of rupture is inferred. Creeping trance extends at least 68 km from P, Point Pinole, to AC, Agua Caliente Creek. Trenching sites: MV, Mira Vista (Hayward Fault Paleoearthquake Group, 1997); MT, Montclair (Lienkamper et al., 1995); MH, Masonic Home (Lienkamper and Borchardt, 1996); TP, Tule Pond (Williams et. al., 1993); Other localities: RM, Rocky Mound key triangulation point of Yu and Segall, (1996); CR,, near Calaveras Reservoir, the branching point of Northern Calaveras fault from fast-creeping Southern Calaveras fault. (Working Group on Northern California Earthquake Potential, 1996.)


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