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Photo and lidar image of Highway 191 landslide, near Yellowstone National Park

February 2022 (approx.)

Detailed Description

Top shows aerial photo of a section of US Highway 191 north of West Yellowstone in Montana. Bottom shows lidar imagery that reveals the road traversing a landslide deposit. High elevations are brown and white, and green is lower elevation. Shading indicates steeper slopes. A highly trained eye might be able to identify the landslide from the aerial photo, but it is more obvious in the lidar. Without vegetation, the boundaries and internal features of the landslide are clear. One can readily interpret its movement type and age relative to nearby features, like the highway built over it. Though subtle, an unmapped west-northwest trending, down-to-the-south fault is observed on both sides of the highway and crosses the south side of the landslide, revealing that slip occurred on the fault after the landslide formed.  (Photo from ESRI aerial imagery, lidar from USGS 3DEP over slope map visualized in ArcGIS Pro.)


Public Domain.