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Reading the rainbow: How to interpret an interferogram

Detailed Description

COSMO-SkyMed (CSK) Interferogram for the period from April 6 to June 2, 2019, covering Kīlauea Volcano's summit region. Each color fringe represents 1.65 centimeters (0.65 inches) of ground displacement. The closely spaced color bands, or fringes, within the caldera indicate localized inflation, while the broader fringes on the northwest side of the caldera indicate a small amount of inflation centered near the Jaggar museum. Each color cycle or fringe within the caldera is marked by white numbers on the interferogram for a grand total of 3 fringes or total displacement of 4.95 cm (1.95 inches). CSK data are provided to the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory by the Italian Space Agency for use in monitoring and research.


Public Domain.