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San Andreas Fault - Shaded‐relief image of the region between RR and T

Detailed Description

Shaded‐relief image of the region between RR and Tomales Bay (TB). Labels near black arrows show rates (mm/yr) of marine terrace uplift in RR and Bodega isthmus (BI) areas. Yellow arrows show direction of littoral drift in the RR and Bodega Bay (BB) littoral cells. The two littoral cells terminate in large coastal sand dune fields (yellow shading) at the Bodega isthmus and Dillon Beach (DB). Gray area shows high‐resolution bathymetry in California’s State Waters. B, Bodega Harbor; BB, Bodega Bay; BH, Bodega Head; D, Duncans Point; EA, Estero Americano; SC, Salmon Creek; SCB, South Salmon Creek beach; TP, Tomales Point.


Image courtesy of Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. 2019;109(3):833-854. doi:10.1785/0120180158