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Satellite image shows continued activity near June 27th flow front

Detailed Description

This satellite image was captured by the Advanced Land Imager instrument onboard NASA's Earth Observing 1 satellite. Although this is a false-color image, the color map has been chosen to mimic what the human eye would expect to see. Bright red pixels depict areas of very high temperatures, and show active lava. White areas are clouds. For reference compare the flow outline shown here in yellow to the large-scale flow field map provided in the "maps" link above.

Although the front of the June 27th lava flow has stalled over the past few days, the flow remains active with surface breakouts immediately behind the front. These breakouts have expanded the margin of the flow several hundred meters (yards) towards the north. In addition, breakouts are active closer to Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō, and lava has been filling another ground crack over the past few days. The grid shows coordinates in Universal Transverse Mercator, with a grid spacing of one kilometer (0.6 miles). This image shows an example of the satellite data we use to augment our field observations, but also shows one of the major limitations of satellite data - clouds.