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Sentinel-1 SAR satellite data showing change over Kruzof Island from August 2018 through April 15, 2023

Detailed Description

Sentinel-1 SAR satellite data analyzed with the Alaska Satellite Facility's Hyp3 was used to create a timeseries of change over Kruzof Island for August 2018 through April 15, 2023. Deformation rates increased closer to the northeast flanks of Mount Edgecumbe from this dataset, with inflation rates as high as 4 inches (10.4 cm) per year in the line-of-sight direction. Top-right inset shows earthquakes located under Kruzof Island (locations by Alaska Earthquake Center, retrieved through USGS comcat) between 2010 and April 2023. Earthquakes that can be located by the regional network start in 2020 (marked in blue). The earthquakes shown in red are all part of the 2022 swarm of activity. Image courtesy of Ronni Grapenthin & Yitian Cheng, AVO/UAF-GI.


Public Domain.

Image courtesy of the AVO/UAF-GI.