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September 14, 2023 — Kīlauea summit eruption features in thermal image

Detailed Description

This thermal image, collected on September 14, 2023, shows features of the eruption site at the summit of Kīlauea. The image looks roughly west. The brighter colors are hotter temperatures, which are closest to the several active eruptive vents on the downdropped block within the caldera. From the vents, pāhoehoe lava flows north (to the right in the image) and south (up in the image), around elevated ground from the 1982 eruption (which is the darker colored and therefore cooler material in approximately the center of the image). The area north of the eruptive vents has become perched and is at least 3 meters (15 feet) higher than the surrounding ground surface. The area of active lava has decreased from the 448 acres (181 hectares) measured on September 11 to 108 acres (44 hectares) measured on September 14. USGS image by M. Patrick. 


Public Domain.