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Species Occurrence Overlap

January 2024 (approx.)

Detailed Description

Predicted biodiversity (species richness) for sagebrush-dependent species in the Wyoming Basins Ecoregional Assessment (WBEA) study area (Brewer’s sparrow (Spizella breweri), sagebrush sparrow (Artemisiospiza nevadensis), sage thrasher (Oreoscoptes montanus), green-tailed towhee (Pipilo chlorurus), greater short-horned lizard (Phrynosoma hernandesi), and pronghorn (Antilocapra americana)). (A) Richness across the greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus; sage-grouse) range in the WBEA; (B) Richness overlap within sage-grouse model-predicted occurrence of greater sage-grouse (non-gray; predicted absences in gray); and (C) Richness overlap within priority areas for conservation (non-gray) is shown for evaluation of a single species umbrella or identified conservation areas to capture biodiverse habitat for sagebrush vertebrates. (Figure from Aldridge and others, 2024).


Public Domain.