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Spectrum of the Lesser Yellowlegs hatching phase

Detailed Description

Lesser Yellowlegs nest near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. The egg on the far left of the frame is ‘pipped’, meaning that the chick’s bill has broken through the egg membrane and shell and will emerge within 24 hours. The chick in the middle of the frame recently emerged from the egg and is covered in fluid. The chick on the right side of the frame hatched approximately 24 hours prior to capturing this image.  Since the 1970s, this species has declined by ~63%, yet the potential cause(s) of the decline are not fully understood. Successful breeding across (sub-arctic) the breeding range is crucial for maintaining a healthy population.


Public Domain.

Permission via email for USGS to use photos taken by Laura McDuffie while an employee of USFWS Migratory Bird Management. Photos may be used in public data releases, multimedia pages, webpages, and social media.