Stream slopes of Underwood Creek, Wis.

Map showing slope, surficial geology, and soil units of a Underwood Creek stream reach

Detailed Description

Map showing overlays of stream slope, surficial geology, and pre-EuroAmerican settlement 1836 Public Land Survey (PLS) streams and wetlands for Underwood Creek, Wis.

Data citations:

Original vegetation: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, 2017

Original vegetation polygons: Wisconsin Deparptment of Natural Resources, Madison, WI., 1:500, 000 scale

Slopes from Milwaukee County lidar-based DEM: Milwaukee County Land Information Office, 2010, Coutnywide LiDAR 5ft DEM Smoothed:

Surficial geology: WDNR, 2011, Surficial Deposits, in Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin Handbook 1805.1, scale 1:500,000.

Streams: WDNR, 2008, Rivers and streams hydrography, 1:24,000 scale, :


Image Dimensions: 1600 x 2038

Location Taken: Middleton, WI, US