Streamflow at USGS 01480870 East Branch Brandywine Creek, August 2020

Graph of streamflow at East Branch Brandywine Creek, Downingtown PA

Detailed Description

USGS Streamgage 01480870 East Branch Brandywine Creek below Downingtown. A measured streamflow of 6,920 cfs was the highest over the period of record (49 years). Hurricane Isaias swept over Eastern Pennsylvania August 4th and 5th, dumping upwards of 8 inches of rain and resulting in wide-spread flooding. Staff from Pennsylvania Water Science Center Offices in Downingtown, New Cumberland, and Williamsport were in the field measuring high water flows on rivers and streams; collecting water quality and suspended sediment samples; and documenting signs of flooding in places where waters have already peaked.


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Location Taken: Downingtown, PA, US