Subsidence immerses coconut trees in ocean at Kapele Lagoon, Puna

Subsidence immerses coconut trees in the ocean at Kapele Lagoon, Pu...

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On April 23, 1924, scientists from the observatory followed one of the large cracks towards the ocean and rested under a cluster of coconut palms where they refreshed themselves from coconuts that had been shaken to the ground by the earthquakes. Visiting the area on June 9, 1924, they found that the same trees were in the sea, the coastline in the area having sunk approximately 3.3 meters (11 feet). By the end of April, perceptible earthquake activity at Kapoho ceased. Despite the striking changes in morphology, most of the earthquakes were small and caused relatively little damage. Roadways required extensive repair due to cracks and subsidence, and some structural foundations were fractured, but no buildings were destroyed.


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HVO photo Courtesy of T.A. Jaggar collection, University of Hawaii Library