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Timelapse imagery from Wolverine Glacier, Alaska

Detailed Description

The timelapse imagery provided here shows the lower half of Wolverine Glacier from 2012 to 2019. This imagery gives an intuitive view of the scale of change happening at glaciers across Alaska. For reference, the volume of ice lost at Wolverine Glacier during the timeframe of this video would be enough to cover the cover the full Delaney Park Strip in downtown Anchorage with ice over 4,000 feet thick. That's a tower of ice over 3/4 of a mile tall. That melt is from just one medium-sized glacier of the approximately 20,000 glaciers in the region. Wolverine Glacier is in the Kenai Mountains on the coast of south-central Alaska. In 1966 scientists with the USGS began making direct measurements of surface mass balance at Wolverine Glacier, one of two "benchmark glaciers" in Alaska.


Public Domain.