Topographic Map- extent of CUSVM

Topographic Map- extent of CUSVM

Detailed Description

Topographic map showing the extent of the CUSVM. Red circles indicate earthquakes greater than magnitude 2.5 that occurred after 1972 (largest earthquake in this time period was the Mw 5.4 Mt. Carmel earthquake in southeastern Illinois). The Mississippi Embayment and the Reelfoot Rift (RFR) boundaries are depicted with red dashed and black continuous lines, respectively. The plausible geometry of three major faults (Northern, Reelfoot and Axial or Cottonwood Grove) is displayed in white discontinuous line. Some of the geologic structures of the region are also indicated, OU=Ozark Uplift, ND=Nashville Dome, CA=Cincinnati Arch, IB=Illinois Basin and RCG=Rough Creek Graben.


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