Total groundwater withdrawals, by county, for Georgia in 2010.

Map showing total groundwater withdrawals, by county, for Georgia in 2010.

Detailed Description

Water use information is collected every 5 years by USGS. This map shows water withdrawals for aquaculture purposes, in 2010, by county, for Georgia.

To get a better idea of what aquaculture water use is, look at our Water Science School site and the National site about Water Use in the United States.

Groundwater refers to all subsurface water, specifically that part of groundwater which is in the saturated zone. Groundwater sources are called aquifers: geologic formations that contain suffcient saturated permeable material to yield significant quantities of water to wells and springs. For the purposes of the USGS water-use reports, groundwater with less than 1,000 milligrams per liter (mg/L) of dissolved solids is considered freshwater, and the remainder is considered saline.


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