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USGS critical mineral supply chain infographic

April 2024 (approx.)

Detailed Description

Infographic on USGS critical mineral supply chain analysis. 

Minerals are essential to power homes and businesses and to manufacture products and technologies, from phones to vehicles. 

The USGS collects the Nation's data on the global supply, demand, and trade of minerals. These data inform public- and private- sector decisions about billions of dollars. The USGS analyzes these data across economic sectors. The USGS tracks mineral commodities for 180 countries, compiles data for over 90 minerals, monitors the minerals needs of 235 industries and maintains over 100 years of mineral commodity data. 

50 critical minerals: the USGS leads the development of the Nation's list of critical minerals. The 2022 list includes 50 minerals essential to the economy and national security that have supply chains vulnerable to disruption. Supply chain analysis and the list of critical minerals support USGS mineral mapping and assessments that inform land managers of resource potential. 

The 2025 budget expands USGS's real-time analysis and supply chain forecasting. This work includes forecasting economic impacts of supply chain disruption events such as trade sanctions and natural disasters and analyzing potential impacts of policy changes and technology adoption on supply chains and mineral security. 


Public Domain.