USGS employee collecting a measurement off bridge, Wild Rice River ND

USGS employee collecting a measurement off a bridge over the Wild Rice River, ND

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USGS employee Spencer Wheeling is forced to get creative on April 5, 2020, in the positioning of the crane used for collecting water-quality samples thanks to 6-8 inches of new snow at station 05053500 Wild Rice River near St. Benedict, ND. The crane is used to support the 29-pound US DH-2 (white torpedo-shaped object suspended from the crane) water-quality sampler as it is lowered and raised in the water column. A bag inside the DH-2 slowly fills with water as the sampler is lowered to a depth of up to 35 ft. Collecting water-quality samples helps communities assess the sources and fate of contaminants in aquatic systems, to protect and enhance water resources for human health, aquatic health, and environmental quality.


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