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USGS maps identify lava inundation zones for Mauna Loa

Detailed Description

Close up of Sheet 2 of "Lava inundation zone maps for Mauna Loa, Island of Hawai‘i," recently published by the U.S. Geological Survey. Colors depict lava Inundation zones for the Kaumana, Waiākea, and Volcano-Mountain View regions on Mauna Loa. Yellow indicates the volcano's Northeast Rift Zone, one area along which lava could erupt. The extent of the 1984 eruption and lava flow has been superimposed on the map (shown in red). Had the Mauna Loa inundation maps been available in 1984, they could have been used to determine that the northern portion of Hilo was the most likely area to be impacted by the main lava flow. USGS map.


Public Domain.