Vertical Seismic Data and Geomagnetism Data at COLA (College, Alaska)

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Detailed Description

(a) Vertical seismic data beginning at Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) 00:00 on August 31, 2019, from IRIS/USGS station COLA (College, Alaska) from the unshielded sensor before correcting for the magnetic field (blue) and after correcting for the magnetic field (orange).  (b) Same as (a), but for the shielded sensor.  (c) Magnetic field data from the magnetometer at COLA that was used to remove the magnetic signal from the seismometer data. The August 31, 2019, M5.4 Burma earthquake can be seen on both sensors at approximately 15:20 UTC. (modified from original, Adam Ringler)


Image Dimensions: 1008 x 720

Location Taken: College, AK, US