Volunteers Ben Gaddis and Andrew Hara holding a photo of Thomas Jag...

Volunteers Ben Gaddis (left) and Andrew Hara (right) holding a phot...

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The image shows a gas collection system from the wells at Sulphur Banks. Jaggar made the following note in his daily log: "September, 1940. Dr. S.S. Ballard of the University of Hawaii physics department intiated an improved method of dry gas collection at Sulphur Banks. A copper tank with water-ice mix has a large coil submerged carring the gas, this passes then through a water trap and again passes thru the cooling bath in a smaller coil, finally being pulled thru the collection tubes with a vacuum pump. Three 300 cc glass collection tubes in a series were used. The collections prior to this date were made monthly with only one coil and no water trap resulting in wet samples. Henceforth collections to be made semi-monthly." Jaggar Day Book 1940.


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