Western Fisheries Research Center Staff

Image: Western Fisheries Research Center Staff

Detailed Description

Photo circa 1965-66 of the Western Fisheries Research Center staff by Center Director Robert R. Rucker, pictured second from left, using the lab's camera. The camera had a self-timer -- a high-tech feature in those days -- and Dr. Rucker set it and ran back to the group so he would be in the picture too. Others, from left: Tom Parisot, virologist; Rucker; Nell Nichols, clerk/typist; Don Amend, virology; Norma Busby, histology; Gary Wedemeyer, field representative, Fish Pesticide Research Laboratory, Denver, Colorado; Wm. T. Yasutake, histopathology; A. John Ross, bacteriology; G. Wm. Klontz, immunology; Reg. Morgan, fish culturist; Gail Dryer, office manager; Doug Anderson, immunology; Jan Martin, bacteriology. From "Seventy Five Years of Science: The Story of the Western Fisheries Research Center, 1935-2010," by Gary Wedemeyer.


Image Dimensions: 1979 x 1577

Location Taken: Seattle, WA, US