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Western Fisheries Science News, June 2014 | Issue 2.6

Detailed Description

Figures 1A and B. Histological sections of Pacific herring heart (A) and red-spotted newt skeletal muscle (B) after CISH staining. (A) Dark purple specific DNA staining identifies the Ichthyophonus parasite. (B) No specific DNA staining in a parasite previously identified as Ichthyophonus

Figures 1C to F. Juvenile Chinook salmon exposed to 0.1 % fast green FCF following descaling injury. (C) Descaling site 6 hours after injury, showing blue-green stained areas of scale loss and epidermal injury. Unstained areas have intact epidermis. (D) Scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of descaled area delimited by box in (C), showing empty scale pockets and epidermal disruption (white arrowheads) and areas of intact epidermis covering scales (white arrows). (E) Descaling site 24 hours after injury, showing scale loss but no fast green staining. (F) SEM of descaled area delimited by box in (E), showing individual epithelial cells that have migrated to cover the injury site.  Photos by USGS.