Wide fountain of episode 12, the last high fountain of the Mauna Ul...

Wide fountain of episode12, the last high fountain of the Mauna Ulu...

Detailed Description

Lava fountain 300 m 1,000 ft) high plays from Mauna Ulu vent area, 1510 December 30, 1969. Lava flows fed by the fountain cascade into ‘Ālo‘i Crater, 600 m (2,000 ft) from the vent. The flow into ‘Ālo‘i was more vigorous before a dam near the vent diverted most of the lava southward (toward right). The fountain was the widest of the eruption and, as the color pattern shows, appears to fan outward from the vent. This was the last major fountain during the eruption. A couple of hours after the photo was taken, the wind shifted, and the black Ford station wagon, still parked in the same place, was pelted with falling pumice and needed, though never received, a new paint job.


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