3-D Geologic Model of Columbia Plateau Aquifer System

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In this month’s episode we discuss how 3-D modeling is used to examine groundwater in the Columbia Plateau. USGS hydrologist Erick Burns describes how his team modeled the 53,000 mi2 plateau, how this information is currently used, and what implications it has for the future. Join us, as we explore how cutting edge science today is used to solve tomorrow’s problems, only in this month’s episode of the USGS Oregon Science Podcast.

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Team: Erick Burns, Dave Morgan, Rachael Peavler, and Sue Kahle

Relevance: Flow modeling and water availability important to land managers and regulators. Underlying geology important to geologists and engineers.

Method: ESRI ArcGIS 9.3 - ArcScene

Start Year: 2009

End Year: In progress

Year Comp: In progress

Episode Number: 1

Date Taken:

Length: 07:31:00

Location Taken: Portland, OR, US