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Animation of Ridgecrest Earthquake Seq. thru July 6 (Prelim. Results)

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Detailed Description

This animation shows preliminary results from precise relocation of the Ridgecrest earthquake sequence, through July 6 (UTC), including the foreshock sequence and the first ~20 hours of aftershocks from M 7.1 mainshock.  The animation begins in a map view and then transitions into a rotating vertical slice.  Earthquakes are colorcoded by time of occurrence, with early events in dark blue and later events in dark red.  In general, blue and green events are related to the M 6.4 foreshock, while orange and red events are aftershocks of the M 7.1 mainshock.  Larger magnitude events are shown with larger circle size.  "Holes" in the seismicity distribution (seen on both fault segments) might indicate areas of larger slip during the M 6.4 and M 7.1 events. 




Public Domain.