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The Avian Influenza Transmission Risk Model web application depicts the intricate connections between 16 layers of administrative, environmental, and economic data in an application that runs inside a web browser. To view and manipulate the full web application, please visit http://www.pwrc.usgs.gov/ai. The full web application requires a web browser with a large amount of memory available. This video gives an overview of the application and shows some of the features. 


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[USGS: Science for a changing world]

Welcome to the transmission risk model virtual tour.

Many geopolitical features in China can be
displayed, including prefectures…

… population density of the prefectures…

… counties …

… and major cities, with an option to show cities with

a larger population in a larger

The map can be moved by clicking and dragging
with your cursor.

Factors related to avian biology can also
be displayed.

Layers include chicken production …

… duck production …

… goose production …

… and wild bird (bar-headed goose) presence.

Here are all those layers displayed together.

Users can also display avian influenza outbreak

events and the location of live bird markets.

Hovering over each point reveals information

about the market or outbreak.

Users can click-and-drag along

the bottom timeline to view outbreaks

over a specific time period

We can visually display high and low risk

areas for avian influenza outbreaks.

We can also display wild bird presence and

bird satellite tracks.

Thanks for joining us!

[USGS: Science for a changing world]