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B-Roll of Lees Ferry

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Detailed Description

A collection of video for use in products related to the USGS's streamgage at Lees Ferry. The USGS installed the Lees Ferry gauge 100 years ago, and the data collected since have become critical to monitoring water availability in the West.

Shot List:

  • 0:00 Title slide
  • 0:25 Lees Ferry streamgage wide shot and pan
  • 0:33 Lees Ferry streamgage kayak and boat
  • 0:42 Lees Ferry streamgage closeup front
  • 0:51 Lees Ferry streamgage closeup back
  • 1:02 Lees Ferry streamgage side
  • 1:14 Lees Ferry streamgage front from across river
  • 1:35 Geographer Geoff DeBenedetto holding benchmark
  • 1:47 water quality measurement boat and cableway zoom
  • 2:02 wide water quality boat cableway zoom
  • 2:58 wide water quality boat cableway cliffs zoom
  • 3:56 wide water quality boat cableway cliffs zoom
  • 5:25 Medium water quality boat cableway
  • 5:36 Technician on cableway streamgage zoom out boat
  • 6:11 Technician moving along cableway boat ramp
  • 6:51 Closeup of water quality measurement
  • 7:59 Drone confluence of Paria and Colorado River downstream
  • 8:15 Drone Lees Ferry boat ramp upstream from streamgage




Public Domain.