Bob The Beaver

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Meet Bob. 
Bob is a beaver. 

Beavers and their dams are common sights along creeks in Oregon. Beaver activity can create diverse habitats and homes for many animals, including birds, fishes, and dragonflies. The USGS are studying beaver dams and ponds in Portland, Oregon, to understand how they affect the amount and quality of water in urban streams. Insights from the study will highlight the effects and benefits associated with beaver dams and ponds in urban streams so that land managers can make strategic management and habitat restoration decisions based on science.


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Length: 00:01:36

Location Taken: Portland, OR, US

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Hydrologist, Erin Poor


Meet Bob.


Bob is a Beaver.

He spends his time in a stream that passes through a park in Portland, OR.

He’s crafty.

He’s resourceful.

And…he’s a girl.


That’s right. Bob the beaver is female.

When bob first moved into the park scientists thought bob was a boy.

He was named in honor of one of the cuddliest of team members

Scientists were very excited to see how Bob would do in his new home.


You see, beavers and people didn’t always do so well together.

Even though beavers are the state animal of Oregon, their history was one of fur trade.

And not so much of their contribution to the stream health.

However, nowadays, scientists are discovering that beavers benefit many aspects of streams.

While scientists continue to explore exactly what beavers do for city streams, we have one last thing to mention…


Bob is pregnant.

Good luck Bob.

We wish you well.