C2 East Transect – 2017

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Detailed Description

Permanent Site: C2 East Transect; Depth: 15.1 Meters (49.7 Feet); Distance from river mouth: 0.7 Kilometers (0.4 Miles); Pre/Post Dam Removal: 6 years post-dam removal; Lat/Long: 48.147841,-123.57596074; Site Description: One of our deepest sites. Substrate is all muddy sand. Both brown and red seaweeds are absent except for one acid kelp Desmarestia (0:38 seconds). Two species of clams were observed, the geoduck clams Panopea generosa and the false geoduck Panomya ampla (0:25, 0:49, 0:59, 1:35 seconds). Very little other invertebrates were present. A flatfish is seen darting briefly at the end of the video (1:54 seconds). Currents at this site frequently cause the transect tape to billow up as seen by the diver trying to keep it in place at 1:07 seconds.


Date Taken:

Length: 00:01:58

Location Taken: Elwha River, WA, US

Video Credits

Editor: Nancy Elder, Fishery Biologist, Marrowstone Marine Field Station, (nelder@usgs.gov)