E2 West Transect – 2015

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Detailed Description

Permanent Site: E2 West Transect; Depth: 14.8 Meters (48.7 Feet); Distance from river mouth: 0.9 Kilometers (0.5 Miles) east; Pre/Post Dam Removal: 4 years post-dam removal; Lat/Long: 48.15653002, -123.56197605; Site Description: This is one of our deeper sites. Substrate is mainly gravel/cobble with scattered boulders. Visibility was very poor when this video was taken. A few small brown and red seaweeds have returned (0:23, 0:39 seconds). The majority of the seaweeds seen on the video are unattached and drifting. Featherduster tubes worms (Schizobranchia insignis) are abundant as well as truncate softshell clams Mya truncata. Red sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus) are scattered along entire transect (1:13, 1:22, 1:40 seconds). 


Date Taken:

Length: 00:01:52

Lat / Long: 48.156530020000 / -123.561976050000

Location Taken: US

Video Credits

Editor: Chloe Dawson
USGS Contact: Nancy Elder, Fishery Biologist, Marrowstone Marine Field Station, (nelder@usgs.gov)