EROS | EarthExplorer: Perform A General Search

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This tutorial shows you how to search EarthExplorer using latitude and longitude coordinates.


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Length: 00:01:52

Location Taken: Sioux Falls, SD, US

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Production Videographer: Andy Dykstra (Contractor to USGS EROS)


This tutorial covers
searching Earth Explorer

by entering coordinate information.

Earth Explorer is available at

You’ll need to register and log in

to access imagery from Earth Explorer,

which is covered in another tutorial.

Earth Explorer uses tabs in the search

application to guide your search.

Start by setting the search criteria.

Enter an address and click show.

This displays the location on the map

along with the latitude and longitude.

You can also enter a specific

Landsat Worldwide Reference
System Path and Row.

To find a geographic feature,

type in the feature name or use the

drop down to make a selection.

You can search by coordinates

by selecting the type, and clicking

“add coordinate” bringing up a new window.

The predefined area tab allows you to

search by state, county,
or congressional district

when you click add shape.

You can also search by uploading an

ESRI shape file or KML or KMZ file.

To refine the search, it is recommended

to set a date range, or specify the

number of records to return.

The next step is to determine
which data sets

to search, which is covered
in another tutorial.