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Recording every pixel as Landsat orbits Earth is a complicated task. Here is an overview of how that data goes from the sensors into the recorder.


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Location Taken: Sioux Falls, SD, US


Every day, Landsat 8 receives
a load of software commands

from the ground station,
outlining when to capture,

store and transmit data
from the sensors.

While capturing, the Payload
Interface Electronics are

responsible for recording
every reading from the sensors.

All 9 bands from the OLI are
streamed along with the

data is merged with the sensor

data, creating the mission
data stream.

The stream is processed,
sorted, and identified with

file headers before being
saved in 1 gigabyte files

to Landsat’s 3.14 terabit
solid state recorder.

According to Landsat’s
command load, the payload

interface electronics may
also send the stream to the

X Band transmitter as Landsat
passes over ground stations,

transmitting a real time
image of the area.