F2 East Transect – 2016

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Detailed Description

Permanent Site: F2 East Transect; Depth: 11.3 Meters (37.2 Feet); Distance from river mouth: 1.5 Kilometers (0.9 Miles) east; Pre/Post Dam Removal: 5 years post-dam removal; Lat/Long: 48.15672004,-123.54969397; Site Description: Substrate is mainly a gravel - cobble mixture with an occasional boulder. Seaweed is abundant but is not as abundant as pre-dam removal levels, except for two Laminaria spp. (0:19, 0:53 seconds) which have increased in numbers. Larger reds are present (0:18, 0:49 seconds). Nine species of brown seaweed were noted including Costaria costata (0:06, 0:51 seconds), bull kelp Nereocystis luetkeana (0:12, 0:14 seconds), acid kelp Desmarestia (1:00seconds), and the perennial seaweed Pterygophora californica (0:40 seconds). Invertebrates were present and diverse but not abundant and none are seen on video.


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Date Taken:

Length: 00:01:45

Lat / Long: 48.156720040000 / -123.549693970000

Location Taken: US

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Editor: Chloe Dawson
USGS Contact: Nancy Elder, Fishery Biologist, Marrowstone Marine Field Station, (nelder@usgs.gov)