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Flood-Peak Inundation Map, Flood of September 2008, Deep River near Hobart, Indiana

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Detailed Description

Fowler, K.K., Kim, M.H., Menke, C.D., and Arvin, D.V., 2010, Flood of September 2008 in Northwestern Indiana: U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report 2010--1098, 20 p.

Flood of September 2008 in Northwestern Indiana

Illustrated inundated areas range from 0.1 (light blue) to 17.4 feet (dark blue) deep.

Appendix 2. Flood-Peak Inundation Maps for Selected Study Streams and Communities, Flood of September 2008, Indiana

Flood-peak inundation maps are intended to show the approximate depths and extents of floods using aerial photography as a base map. Error sources in the maps can include digital-elevation-data errors, high-water-mark errors, and flood water-surface elevation interpolation errors. Errors can result in inaccuracies in flood extent and depth estimations; thus, the flood extents and depths depicted in the maps should be considered estimates.

Effort was made to obtain corroboration/confirmation of inundated areas from local officials or individuals familiar with the stream reaches included in this study. The comments received were crucial in refining the maps. In some cases the maps indicated flooding but, in fact, the water was from disconnected ponded areas. Because the focus of this report was to document flooding that was directly related to the stream or ditch, the ponded areas were removed from the inundation map. Where the streams were affected by levees, only the areas directly flooded by the stream were included in the inundation map.

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