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Hydrography Updates for USFS Southwestern Region in AZ and NM

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National Hydrography Advisory Call

Joel Osuna-Williams on Hydrography Updates for USFS Southwestern Region in AZ and NM.

The U.S. Forest Service Southwestern Region (Region 3) conducted an NHD Assessment in 2015 on its need for and benefits of updated hydrography for the lands it manages. In 2016-19, they partnered with the Center for Geospatial Science & Technology (CGST) at California State University, Northridge to complete a comprehensive update of the NHD within ten National Forests within the Southwestern Region. CGST employed a data generation process to share preliminary work with USFS scientists and then incorporate their feedback to ensure the NHD met USFS needs. This collaborative effort supported USFS-specific goals while serving as a keystone project which offered educational and professional development opportunities to students.




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