Hydrologist Arin Peters on Real-time Streamgage Cameras

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USGS hydrologist Arin Peters shares his thoughts about the What's the Big Idea? innovation event at Kansas Water Science Center on Sept 2., 2015.


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Location Taken: Lawrence, KS, US


So we just got finished here with the innovation
meeting here at Lawrence, Kansas, with Suzette

Kimball; tell me a little about how you think
the meeting went.

Arin Peters: I was very pleased with how the
meeting went.

I think it was really great to see Suzette
and Max, our Regional Director here, and see

the interest of what we’re during at the
center level.

I think it’s good for us as a center to
get together and really talk about some things

that are innovative that are going on here,
and ideas that our center has to do in the


And what were some of those ideas that came
up during the meeting?

Arin Peters: A couple of great ideas that
I thought we came up with were using real

time cameras at some of our stream gauges,
for both internal use and for the public to


We get lots of calls all the time from the
public asking about recreational uses on our

streams, and having a real time feed for video
or pictures online would be a helpful resource

for a lot of people.

Another thing that I thought was a really
great idea was using UAVs to help make indirect

measurements and maybe there’s all sorts
of other applications, so I thought the UAV

innovation ideas were fantastic.

Do you think that these ideas might be implemented
anytime in the future, do you think they’re


Arin Peters: We do have a UAV with our center
already so I think the applications are going

to take some time to implement, but I think
it’s totally possible.

Then the camera-video idea is definitely something
we’re going to try out.

We’ve been talking about it for a couple
years and really getting to talking about

it today.

Getting down into actually feasibly doing
it, I think is going to really help in actually

implementing that.