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IRIC Pilot Applications for the Potomac River Using Bathy-Lidar Data

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Detailed Description

This short presentation will illustrate how detailed topographic-bathymetric LiDAR data sets can be used within the USGS iRIC software package to compute detailed flow and particle tracking simulations across a range of length and time scales, including capturing the effects of local unsteadiness and turbulent mixing. While results will concentrate on the recent Potomac River data set, other examples will also be included to illustrate a small subset of iRIC capabilities, including a brief discussion of the new iRIC-MI model coupling tools, which allow end users to couple ground water, hillslope runoff, tracking and other subsidiary models with detailed river models globally and at the time step level. iRIC (International River Interface Cooperative) is a river flow and riverbed variation analysis software package which combines the functionality of MD_SWMS (Multi-Dimensional Surface-Water Modeling System, developed by the USGS) and RIC-Nays (developed by the Foundation of Hokkaido River Disaster Prevention Research Center).





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