Landsat 8 Collects 1 Millionth Scene

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Landsat 8 collects it's 1 millionth scene. See it for yourself!


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Location Taken: SD, US


Landsat 8 acquires images
at a rate of about 750 per day,

and just a little over 4 years
after launch in February 2013,

the Earth-observing satellite
on May 31, 2017 acquired

it's 1 millionth scene!

This Landsat 8 scene is located
northwest of the Sea of Okhotsk,

Russia, and was acquired on May
31, 2017. It is one of the first

almost cloud-free acquisitions
after the one millionth scene

was made available for

Landsat 8 provides the highest
quality data since the Landsat

archive was established in
July 1972 with the launch

of Landsat 1.