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In this tutorial, we will show you how to use some advanced features in the LandsatLook Viewer. The site can be found at:


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Andrew Dykstra (Contractor), USGS EROS Center


In this tutorial, we will
show you how to use some

advanced features in LandsatLook
Viewer. Start by clicking on the

Basemap gallery. With LandsatLook
Viewer, you have the option to

select different basemaps.
This will be helpful when using

the Image Transparency slider
on the Modify Images menu.

Navigate to your area of interest. 

Set the Image Transparency
slider to 50%. 

The Measure tool can be used to gather
area and distance measurements.

The basemap can provide guidance
for boundaries, roads, and names.

Use the Draw on Map menu to
create polygons, lines, and add

text that you can use to
annotate your area of interest.

Use the Delete button to clear
all annotations from the map.

Users can create multiple
annotations on the map in

different colors. When drawing
new lines and shapes, keep in

mind that they will overwrite
existing drawn objects.

The Text tool will allow you
to add custom labels.

Labels must be placed outside
of currently-placed polygons.

Adjusting the Drawing Transparency
level controls all items

drawn on the map.

When you have finished creating
annotations, go back to the Modify

Images menu and change the
transparency to 100%.

You can return to the Draw On
Map menu to make any adjustments

as necessary.

When you are satisfied with
your map, you can use the

Print menu to create a handout,
which will include your

annotations and title as well
as the date you created the

map and a scale.

You can bookmark your location
to save your area of interest.

To share your current view with
friends, click Generate URL to

create a shortened link. Social
media links to Facebook, Twitter,

and Google, plus a link to email
provide additional convenience.

Questions and comments can be
directed toward