LGSOWG #46 - Invitiation to Rapid City

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LGSOWG #46 was held in Rapid City, South Dakota in 2017.


Date Taken:

Length: 00:01:45

Location Taken: Rapid City, SD, US


Since its inception in 1975,
the Landsat Ground Station

Operators Working Group,
referred to as LGSOWG,

has served as an
international forum for the

exchange of ideas and
information on receiving,

processing, and distributing
Landsat data on a global basis.

LGSOWG participants continue
to play a critical role in

shaping future Landsat program
strategies, in initiating and

participating in

collaboration opportunities,
and in serving as key

representatives of the
global Landsat user community.

We share a common mission to
receive, archive, process,

interpret, and distribute
information about our changing

planet, and in the spirit of
this continued joint mission…

USGS proudly invites you to the

City of Presidents,
Rapid City, South Dakota.

Whether you prefer to voyage
high in the sky, far underground,

or somewhere in between,
Rapid City and the nearby

Black Hills have something
for everyone.

Please join us October 23rd
through the 27th 2017, as we

continue to build upon the past
successes of this shared mission.