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Lidar Surface Water in Stormwater Network; Updated DC Watersheds

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National Hydrography Advisory Call:

This episode features speakers Roger Barlow (USGS Physical Scientist) and George Onyullo (Environmental Protection Specialist, D.C. Department of Energy and Environment) Roger discusses his work with The Department of Energy and Environment and the D.C. government for integrating Lidar-derived Surface Water with Stormwater Network and Updated Watersheds for Washington D.C. into the NHD and WBD.

Hydrography for the Nation:

High-quality hydrography data are critical to a broad range of government and private applications. Resource management, infrastructure planning, environmental monitoring, fisheries management, and disaster mitigation all depend on up-to-date, accurate, and high-quality hydrographic data. The U.S. Geological Survey National Geospatial Program National Hydrography Advisory Call has initiated a series of virtual seminars to highlight the uses of hydrographic data. These presentations are intended to share success stories from users who have solved real world problems using hydrography data, provide information about the National Hydrography Dataset and related products. The USGS manages surface water and hydrologic unit mapping for the Nation as geospatial datasets. These include the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD), Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD), and NHDPlus High Resolution (NHDPlus HR). Hydrography data are integral to a myriad of mission critical activities undertaken and managed by government entities (Federal, State, regional, county, local, Tribal), nonprofit organizations, and private companies.

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