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In the USGS software ModelMuse, a 3D view of the groundwater model is part of the main form. This video describes how to manipulate this 3D view.


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The letters "USGS" and the words "Science for a Changing World" appear in green and fade to black.
This video deals with the 3D view of the model.
To rotate the 3D view, click on the 3D view of the model then hold the mouse down while dragging with the mouse.
To zoom in or zoom out, hold down the right mouse button, click on the 3D view of the model.
With the right mouse button held down, drag the mouse up to zoom in move it down to zoom out.
To move the model from side to side, hold down the shift key and draw with the mouse.
The "Show top grid" button controls whether the selected layer is visible in 3D.
The "Show front grid" and "Show side grid" buttons work in a similar way as does the "Show grid shell" button. 
Move the selected column, row, or layer to change which column, row, or layer is displayed.
You can change whether the 3D objects are displayed on the 3D view.
This also affects other views model.
Here you see this object on the top and side views of the model.
It's drawn on the front view. It's also visible here now on the 3D view.
Click that button and now they disappear from those other views.
If the grid is colored you can decide whether or not to display the colors in the 3D view.
This is "Show colored grid". It will hide or display the colored cells in the 3D view.
The letters "USGS" and the words "Science for a Changing World" appear in green.